China has a lot of challenges to address concerning energy. With a need for clean energy and the pressure to create 20 million new jobs every year for its growing population, the Chinese government is definitely considering a lot of forward-thinking concepts coupled with technological advancements. The government of China is investing over $50 billion each year into clean and efficient energy R&D.

The China Greentech Report 2014 states that China’s power supply shortages are driving a stronger government focus on DSM in an effort to prioritise end-user energy efficiency.

An innovative smart grid pilot on the site of the next Winter Olympic Games

BBMG (BeiBian MicroGrid) is a Chinese company specialising in micro grid technology and hardware implementation. They aim to be the pioneer in the field of new energy and micro grid’s application and service in China. Currently, WeSmart is developing a joint product that promotes smart-grid technology through analytical energy measurements to optimise energy consumptions. WeSmart and BBMG are launching two pilot projects together: One in Beijing at the 2022 Winter Olympic compound and another project located in ConceptGrid in France. BBMG’s hardware technology combined with WeSmart’s energy management and analysis tool will create great opportunities for the development of smart grids. With machine learning and data intelligence, WeSmart and BBMG will be able to implement this technology on the Chinese market.

WeSmart’s platform will provide data visualisation and management tools to manage the energy data, as well as to provide end-users with well-presented, easy to use information to further help energy management and change consumption behaviours.

By being conscious of its vast energy consumption pattern, China opens its door for innovations and technological advancements. And through all its efforts in reducing energy consumption by employing efficient energy technologies, China is on its way to becoming today’s hub of energy innovation.