It was a rainy and windy evening in Shanghai. Nonetheless, 60 attendees showed up for an evening of insight sharing and networking on the topics of energy data analysis and clean energy finance. Last week WeSmart and Seeder organized an event on How to Save Energy in Your Building with IoT at naked Hub. The event was a big success.

Highlights of the event


WeSmart and Seeder teamed up for an engaging event at the naked Hub

Florian Bohnert was first on stage in representing WeSmart and the WeSmart energy monitoring
dashboard. A scenario was presented on an energy leak from naked Hub's restroom, over a weekend (48
hours). Just so happens that someone left the window opened. Since it was over Chinese new year
holiday, a lot of the warm air from the restroom was leaked out from the window, and thus, more
electricity was used to "heat up" the restroom area, resulting in an electricity peak.

1WeSmart CCO Florian presenting WeSmart’s energy monitoring dashboard

The WeSmart energy monitoring dashboard can present the energy analyzation on a dashboard for electricity, water and more, and help identify the problems related to energy peaks and suggest behavioral improvements. The ultimate goal is to encourage resource saving through gamification. Alex Shoer of Seeder was next to presenting mainly on clean energy finance, with a special focus for rooftop solar. Seeder also announced their partnership with WeSmart to power a green supplier database on the WeSmart tool to recommend the best energy solution providers once the WeSmart users are ready to take the next step an move towards action.

3Seeder CEO Alex presenting the Seeder App for rooftop solar assessment

The rooftops Seeder is interested in are the rooftop spaces of commercial buildings and factories. They support the Shanghai Government initiative in greening the rooftop spaces of residential buildings. To provide this solution to the market is to achieve the ultimate goal in reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution in China, so to provide a cleaner, healthier work and living environment.

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Missed out on the event? 

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