Greenbizz Community Presentation

WeSmart and its partners - Greenbizz, Citydev and Sibelga, as a facilitator, are developing the first Brussels local community of renewable energy within an economic activity zone and an eco-district, Tivoli. This project, is a showcase for the Brussels region. Indeed it is an ambitious project fostering local self-consumption with a mix of businesses and residents.

It also integrates two technologies of green electricity production : solar panels and cogeneration.WeSmart will play the role of community manager. We cover the entire deployment cycle of a community and we take care of the technical (allocation key, invoicing), regulatory and communication aspects.

The main objectives are :
- Optimizing self-consumption
- Reducing energy bills of all community participants
- Testing different distribution keys to optimize the collective well-being
- Developping a replicable model for other communities

WeSmart is preparing a great online event for end of June to launch officialy. This is the occasion to present the project to the press, gather all the participants and thank them for being part of the project and give you the opportunity to experiment our digital platform. We are very much looking forward to meet and discuss with all of you. We will make sure to offer you a wonderful moment together and enjoy a "virtual" drink to celebrate with you this wonderful project.
Save the date for June 30th !