Europe is steadily marching toward a totally new and renovated energy market. While it’s still behind in terms of regulations and policy, a new market of players is emerging and competing in the aim to decarbonize Europe individually and collectively. 

In May of this year, the European Council passed some pieces of legislation that will pave the way for energy communities and Europe’s transition to clean energy. Just in November, the European Commission will have presented its 2050 low-carbon economy plan, including support for new companies working in the clean energy sector.

Experts predict that half of EU citizens could be producing their own energy by 2050. With some legislation coming into place allowing smaller-scale players access to the grid, things are starting to look brighter.

The EU recognizes energy communities

The EC has recently approved the Recast Electricity Directive and Electricity Regulation that are supportive of citizen energy communities (CEC) as major players in Europe’s energy transition. It allows entities categorized as CECs to participate in almost any activity in the power sector. 

At WeSmart, we hope to play a huge role in this movement. We know energy communities are going to be an important part of decarbonizing Europe and the rest of the world, and we want to provide the tools to help. We’re thrilled to see prosumers unite and share their local production, storage, and energy consumption.

There’s already a lot of work to do to reach a carbon-free Europe. The logistics and management side shouldn’t stop us. So we created a solution with an easy-to-use platform that all participants in the energy community can access. They can see their own production and consumption, create reports, view the geolocations of the different sensors and benchmark performance.

Of course, we don’t just give them all this data and leave them hanging. We also provide recommendations from a dedicated energy manager and scientists. Not only does this solution help the community be a pillar in a sustainable future, but also helps them reduce energy costs by 15% or more.

WeSmart for a sustainable future

Energy communities will need more than a drive to make the transition. They’ll need the right technology. WeSmart offers digital solutions and a service to go with it. The goal is to use technology so communities can easily share resources, reduce costs, engage users and protect the environment.