IOT will generate a huge quantity of data. The real question is how to use this data intelligently to solve customers biggest challenges.

IOT generates a tremendous quantity of data from connected objects that need to be stored, analysed and treated in real time. We believe that the real potential of IOT comes down to the user data. Tomorrow’s winners are the companies who will successfully harness the power of this data to propose services to their users.

WeSmart helps your organisation manage its IOT data in real-time, in one spot.

Large organisations can easily create dashboards in WeSmart. Smart dashboards can aggregate data instantly from hundreds of buildings or departments. WeSmart can easily handle projects with thousands of devices.

Predictive modelling

Consumers would like answers to this type of questions:

•       What will be my consumption next year? Next month? Next week?

•       What should be my recommended consumption (target)? Am I above or below the target?

•       Is the current consumption normal or abnormal?

WeSmart predictive modelling is able to predict energy consumption, based on observed energy data time series and other factors like weather forecast, energy prices forecast and production levels.

Concrete examples

Here’s a concrete example of how WeSmart machine learning algorithm works. WeSmart learns automatically the normal energy consumption, based on the raw data. When the consumption matches WeSmart provisions, there’s nothing to worry about. However, if an abnormal consumption is detected, an alert is sent to the manager and the responsible unit is switched off. As a result, WeSmart calculates the amount of energy savings that have been achieved. Thanks to machine learning prediction algorithms, the company knows when the consumption is normal or when an action should be taken.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 18.44.30

As the quantity of data collected grows, it is very important to rely on an intelligent system that brings recommendations and alerts to the end-user. With its predictive algorithms, WeSmart machine learning paves the way to new services for energy efficiency and IOT data management.