Creating an energy community is a beautiful achievement and a challenging feat. The European Commission defines a citizen energy community as a legal entity that:

“(a) is based on voluntary and open participation and is effectively controlled by members or shareholders that are natural persons, local authorities, including municipalities, or small enterprises;

(b) has for its primary purpose to provide environmental, economic or social community benefits to its members or shareholders or to the local areas where it operates rather than to generate financial profits; and

(c) may engage in generation, including from renewable sources, distribution, supply, consumption, aggregation, energy storage, energy efficiency services or charging services for electric vehicles or provide other energy services to its members or shareholders.”

Energy communities are what will lead the decarbonization of Europe and, we hope, the world. But it’s hard to manage one without an effective solution for energy performance management.

That’s where we come in. WeSmart is a digital platform for companies and communities to reduce their energy bills and protect the environment. We provide a user-friendly digital platform that lets stakeholders pool their energy production, distribute rules amongst participants, and help with the energy accounting between users and with the national grid.

Providing software is one thing, but we also go the extra mile and make sure our data scientists are there to help. We provide energy community stakeholders with recommendations, advice, and help in mutualizing energy under several different constraints.

On top of that, our software is secured by the blockchain. That means energy exchange is all transparent and decentralized, making it far more efficient, traceable and secure.

WeSmart Features

We’re proud of the way we offer solutions to global companies. Some of our best features are:

  • Our solution is designed for multi-production-consumption sites. We aggregate data from various sources & constraints (including weather data).
  • User-friendly interface to engage users. Beyond friendly graphics, the platform provides recommendations to end-users on how to best optimize energy and use the software.
  • Onboarding features to engage the participants inside the community
  • Advanced prevision algorithms: to optimize at each moment the use of energy produced between self-consumption, battery storage,  and national grid energy reinjection to meet demand depending on energy prices and users presence
  • Settlement features: netting of the energy production and usages between the participants and the national grid
  • Blockchain: record energy productions and ensure transparency of exchanges

We want a sustainable future to be clear, easy, and direct. 

The WeSmart Vision

Our vision is that energy communities become the new standard. That prosumers unite and share their own production, storage, and energy consumption with their local community. We dream of legislation and technology that supports this movement as far as possible.

We want to be that technology. The one that moves the world to a more sustainable, friendly and community-driven place. WeSmart supports energy communities with digital solutions and a single service to build communities, share resources, reduce costs, engage users and protect the environment, all in real-time. 

WeSmart Going Global

Currently, WeSmart operates from Belgium and we address projects in different countries around the world. We’ve helped many companies cut energy costs and we’ve helped build energy communities. But we don’t want to stop there. In fact, we aim to have a positive impact on energy communities worldwide.