December 9, 2015
Wuhan (China)

From 8 December until 24 December the Wuhan Municipal Government organizes the third Wuhan design Biennial, held every two years. This year WeSmart was invited to join the design event and is honored to be part of one of the most important and high-profile events of the city. The purpose of the biennial is to spread the design influence of Wuhan, who has shown its ambition to catch up with Beijing and Shanghai to become one of China’s leading innovative cities.

Planned to be honored as The World Design Capital, Wuhan features itself by its many historical buildings as well as the ever growing modern giant engineer projects. The theme of this year’s event is “Integration of urban technology, the city across the rhythm”.  Design Exhibition, Conference, and General Activities are the three major sectors that comprise the event and each sector will include as many aspects as possible to exhibit the magnificence of Wuhan’s design achievements. The Design Exhibition sector will demonstrate works collected from historical buildings, exemplar city works, Jingchu old school style buildings, contemporary art, folk works, design colleges and much more.

Many of the top innovative investors, sustainable design institutes and city artists will participate in different sectors during these 16 days. WeSmart will give a short presentation about their company activities, sustainability and energy at this event. This was a great opportunity to exchange information and networking. The event was inaugurated by the French Consulate in presence of the Vice mayor of Wuhan, Director of the construction commission and other associated officials.