The Covid crisis is affecting everybody, our life is changing and fear has become part of it. But the last thing we want to worry about at the moment is the availability of power supply. Electricity is of course essential for hospitals and the maintain of food distribution channels, but the massive development of homeworking in the past weeks shows us that electricity plays also a key role in the residential sector. Overall, electricity demand has decreased, but residential use is rising. Workforce is shifting and experts even forecast that the number of employees working from home will continue to increase in the next decades and therefore electricity demand patterns will need to be reconfigured.

Energy networks should become more and more dynamic and capable of being managed "intelligently". Microgrids offer a perfect solution: they make it possible to manage electricity production and demand locally and they can isolate themselves automatically when necessary. If the "macro-grid" breaks down, microgrids will still guarantee power supply to your local network. Not to mention that intelligent microgrids know how to adapt themselves to new conditions. Before, a technician had to change the settings for each new demand profile. Now you will not only save time but also money, as microgrids know how to always function properly.

Being able to rely on your own energy is a highly valuable asset. At home also, it’s definitely time for residential microgrids ! With its digital platform developed to manage electricity production and consumption for energy communities,  WeSmart provides both short-term and long-term responses to overcome the actual crisis and plan a better future.

 The actual pandemic will reshape our society's priorities. Let’s hope people will pay more attention towards climate change and start really considering how fragile our planet is. WeSmart is deeply engaged in this positive transition and therefore we will support any environmental project that contributes to a positive social impact. Our team of data analysis or data scientists are available to help pro bono and WeSmart is happy to offer its energy consulting expertise.