Air quality is a major concern, for individuals as well as corporations.

Companies should make indoor air quality a priority. It directly influences the health, comfort and productivity of everyone in their building.

Indoor air quality sensors help you monitor air quality in your building. Paired with WeSmart, they can accurately monitor and improve your building’s environment.

By monitoring your building’s air quality, you can significantly relieve the symptoms and make you and your coworkers happier and more productive.

Have a look at to know more about air quality at work.

Many visitors at CES Asia asked the WeSmart team lots of questions about air quality monitoring. How is air quality measured exactly? What is the accuracy of measurement?

At CES Asia, WeSmart announced its partnership with Foobot and the WeSmart team made a demo of real-time air quality measurement from the Foobot device with the WeSmart platform.

Over the last months, WeSmart and Foobot teams worked together to connect easily the sensors with the WeSmart platform and make it easily understandable by WeSmart users.

With these sensors, the following data can be measured in real-time:

  • PM2.5 and PM10
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Volatile compounds. Foobot measures the VOCs in parts per billion (ppb) values which gives it a good precision
  • Carbon dioxyde.

The data is sent wirelessly (through Wifi connectivity) to the WeSmart platform through the WeSmart Bot and WeSmart API. CO2 is calculated through an algorithm from VOC sensor data.

Many cheap sensors don’t offer a high accuracy after some time, they need to be recalibrated manually because the measure deviates over time.

“We chose Foobot as a partner for rapid large-scale deployment of air quality sensors in companies. At the origin, Foobot is more oriented on the B2C market, but we worked together to adapt the offering to corporations”, said François Bordes, WeSmart CEO

“The advantage of the WeSmart platform is to link with any kind of sensors to measure anything, from air quality to energy consumption or water consumption, whatever information is needed by the management can be monitored on a single dashboard.” said Foobot CEO Jacques Touillon.

WeSmart and Foobot teams were happy to meet customers during CES Asia who were interested to deploy this solution in their companies, offering good commercial opportunities.