Getting access to the metering data quickly, easily, securely and at a reduced cost is a big challenge for many customers. WeSmart innovates in this field by providing a new WeSmart Box that makes metering project configuration and data acquisition much easier and faster.

The WeSmart Box offers a fast solution for data acquisition that is compatible with most companies metering systems. It covers many opportunities in the field of IIOT, smart factories, retail, offices and much more.

The WeSmart Box offers specific advantages:

  • Competitive price (low upfront costs)
  • Fast to install
  • Secure data

For customers, ROI is often the most important factor in deciding whether a monitoring project should be launched or not. The WeSmart Box reduces the upfront cost of metering projects and therefore increases the ROI of projects.

WeSmart partners with multiple integrators with a nationwide coverage in Asia, Europe and the US. WeSmart and its partners offer a complete solution for deploying complex networks of meters and sensors. Checking data is real-time is easy with the device management functionalities. Integrators can be alerted when a data is not sent properly by a device, and automatically fix the problem quickly. It makes the project installation and configuration possible within 2 hours to one day, even for very large-scale and complex projects.

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