Getting access to the metering data on a large scale, quickly and securely is a big challenge for customers. Choosing the right meter and sensor configuration can be a difficult task. WeSmart support team is here to help customers find the best meters according to their needs. And with WeSmart project configuration tool, the connection with meters can be set up in just a few clicks. With its patented technology, WeSmart innovates by providing a fast IOT configuration. Large organizations can easily create dashboards in WeSmart. Smart dashboards can aggregate instantly data from hundreds of buildings or departments. WeSmart can handle large-scale projects with thousands of connected devices.

Many customers find this tool really easy-to-use and really powerful, as it can generate aggregated KPIs from thousands of sensors dispatched over many departments and buildings in real-time.


Choose the right sensors

Choosing the right sensors is not easy. Many aspects must be taken into consideration: what you need to measure, what level of accuracy you need, which cost. WeSmart selects the best hardware partners to provide a competitive metering hardware, yet with a high quality level in terms of accuracy, life time and autonomy.

Everything deployed in less than an hour

WeSmart customer support team works with selected partner integrators in different countries to handle the deployment of sensors on the ground, at a very competitive cost. After one hour, the customer can have his devices connected and his data appears on the online dashboards, through Internet or local network.

Will WeSmart replace human work?

Yes and no. Yes, WeSmart makes it unnecessary to have people taking meters manually or filling Excel sheets. All the data are accurately driven from meters in real-time, so the company gets a much better information system.

Also, WeSmart will bring new machine learning features to automatically recommend solutions and give advice.However, human intelligence will still be needed to provide expertise. And WeSmart is also a tool that can be used by experts to provide a better diagnosis and deploy solutions easily.