From 30 November until 11 December 2015 , politicians and global leaders from over 190 countries participated in the United Nations 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21). Last month WeSmart met the President of France who visited China to discuss climate negotiations ahead of the Conference. WeSmart is at the core of solutions for clean energy, energy efficiency and effective responses to climate challenges, so we are carefully following the developments of COP21.

Goal of COP21

The global leaders are meeting in Paris to establish a new global treaty to set deep carbon emission reductions and to assist countries that lack the financial means to cope with the effects of global warming. In order to avoid catastrophic effects of climate change, COP21 leaders have set a target to keep global warming increases below 2°C.  Other goals include:

  • Committing 20% of the EU budget from 2014-2020 to climate action
  • Developing a pathway to reduce greenhouse gases by at least 60% by 2050 compared to 2010
  • Decarbonisation of the world economy by the end of the century

Here’s where WeSmart comes in

To help our planet to become more sustainable, we contribute to the goal of COP21 by helping companies controlling their energy consumption, therefore save more energy and reduce pollution. People in general are not aware of how much energy they exactly consume or they have no idea how to control it. We help companies to be more aware of their energy usage, lighting, water usage, air quality, etc.

Increasing awareness by user engagement

By eliminating the need to constantly remind and revise inefficient habits, WeSmart has made conservation easy. A super user-friendly dashboard, regular performance reports and helpful alerts all mean you can quickly manage your organization’s energy usage – and go right back to usual business.


What truly makes WeSmart innovative is the fact that it makes conservation fun. Not just “kinda fun,” like colorful spreadsheets and smack-talking puppets, but truly fun for your whole organization. Multiple users can login to the WeSmart platform and track energy and office environment stats any time. We have included myriad features to help companies design a highly successful and engaging energy awareness campaign.

When your office meets its goals for conservation, users earn points that rewards smart decisions. You can create challenges and prizes to easily incentivize your campaign. No other energy management platform makes conservation this much fun!

Crossing multiple data to advise on green solutions

We spend all day, every day thinking of ways that we can help you to lower your energy consumption and save money, and we regularly send our clients helpful tips, tricks and ideas on how they can implement new procedures to further lower their eco foot print. Alerts will appear on the interface when improvements can be done.

Making data transparent and understandable

With WeSmart’s reporting tool electricity, water, gas etc. can be measured. It makes it easy to track multi-fluid consumption. All areas can be individually monitored, and specific ways to reduce energy consumption for each area can be found. You can quickly download energy reports with immediate results. Benefit from a turn key solution based on existing infrastructure, for real-time and multi-fluid management of energy data. Safely store and manage all energy data in one efficient and easy to use application. It can also help to reduce additional energy consumption by improving knowledge and behaviour linked to energy, as well as reporting faulty usage or leakage.

Crossing multiple data to advise on green solutions, with an ROI up to 40%

Small actions can lead to big savings. WeSmart can help to better manage energy consumption and with an assumption that consumption decreases by 5%, that’s already millions saved.

Showing actual results in real-time

Main requirements would be measuring and collecting real-time data from different areas and displaying the real-time data to facility management team, employees and visitors. Check energy performance of each area and the general plant performance in real-time through interactive dashboards. Control and manage all your energy performance in one secure Cloud platform.

Helping managers to make better decisions by leveraging data

We bring real-time, multi-device and multi-fluid management of your energy consumption. The data that WeSmart collects can make it easier for managers to decide how to manage and save energy. This helps them to curb energy consumption and CO2 emissions. With WeSmart you will never lose energy data again.

Energy developments at COP21

The proposals made thus far involve better energy efficiency through smart buildings, power grids and transport. They rely on low carbon power sources such as wind, nuclear, solar, geothermal or hydroelectric. Other proposals focus on eliminating carbon-based fuels: vehicles and plans must switch to electricity, hydrogen fuel cells or advanced biofuels; buildings and industry must swap heating oil for electricity and fuel cells.


Your company can also help out

Energy efficiency is key to create a more sustainable environment. WeSmart helps engaging everyone to use energy efficiently. Country governments will make the final decisions at COP21 but concrete actions depend on companies and citizens themselves.  WeSmart is strongly committed to create a better energy future and sustainable environmental protection. Your company can also do your part to save the planet! Control your energy usage and reduce your expenses. Let WeSmart help you create more energy awareness in your company.

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