New innovative features have just been made available on the WeSmart platform:

Visualization of the devices on a map

It is possible to assign a geo-localization to each sensor by entering its address in the parameters or by moving it on the map; This visualization is particularly useful for projects with dozens of sensors and several sites. To see the map, just go to the "Devices" menu and click on the "View as map" button in the upper right.


AI-based prediction

The predictive module is the result of several months of work by our team of data scientists. It makes it possible to "forecast" the energy consumption thanks to a prediction on the time series over several weeks. This also allows you to automatically fill the missing values ​​if a sensor fails. Prediction can be enabled or disabled at the project settings level, by default it is active and displays future values ​​within one month. The relevant data is displayed with the 'prediction' indicator.

Intelligent reports

Configurable reports have been revised, it is now easy to create and edit a report presenting the evolution and ranking of performance between different parts of the building. The reports summarize the various items of consumption. They are also interesting in multi-fluid projects (energy - water - air). We created a default report giving the consumption of the Orangerie and the consumption by stages. To see the reports simply go to the "Reports" menu.


These are in addition to the new bill management features (Bills menu) and bill comparison with sensor data.

Innovative new developments will take place in the coming weeks.

With these new features, WeSmart provides an all-in-one platform, from EMS data management to data interpretation.

Our experienced data scientists team is also available to our clients for any specific questions regarding the interpretation of the data.