Capture d'écran 2016-09-20 11.26.43The Global Forum brings together international key actors and experts from advanced economies. The “Global Forum / Shaping the Future” provides a neutral platform for the identification of representative trends, the discussion of latest developments in the ICT sector and divergent points of views. As a high profile and international think tank bringing together government, business and civil society, the Global Forum acts as a catalyst for a wide range of communications applications. It supports the creation of synergies between suppliers and users of communications applications and assists in connecting practical applications and innovative ideas.

Eindhoven is a truly digital friendly city with an ecosystem of universities, research institutes, companies, valorisation centres and SME associations.
Eindhoven is the industrial and innovative heart of the Netherlands and has been awarded the Intelligent Community of the Year award and is ranked among the top “European Cities and Regions of the Future” by the Financial Times close to London and Helsinki.

WeSmart’s CEO François Bordes was invited to make a keynote speech as part of the Start up Competition. He developed his vision of 'Artificial intelligence for energy data', the convergence of energy industry and digital services and the ambition of WeSmart to be a platform for real-time collaborative IOT data management dedicated to energy and air quality management. He developed the company’s strategy to add more intelligence to the data through data analysis and machine learning, to provide customers with automatic insights and solutions.