At WeSmart, we identify 7 steps to building an energy community.

  1. Participant Identification: This is the starting point. We identify, within a certain area, participants who might have an interest in the community. Then we contact them to explain the project and see if they are interested in participating.
  2. Technical-economic feasibility: During this step, we analyze the technical feasibility as well as the benefits that the participants can draw, to see if they have interests to participate in such a project.
  3. Validation of the perimeter and the distribution mode of the renewable production : Here, a consultation with the GRD is necessary to validate the technical and geographical perimeter. Then, we gather the actors of the community in order to talk about their own case and to explain the functioning of the community, as well as to determine if there is a need for more investment in the renewable. This step is accompanied by the signing of a letter of consent in order to have an agreement from each actor to continue the creation with WeSmart, and to give permission to have the consumption data.
  4. Definition of the legal framework: Establishment of the community's legal framework, in a derogatory form, until the regional implementing decrees are published.
  5. Creation: Configuration of the platform (encoding of participants, distribution keys, setting up of dashboards, invoicing...)
  6. Management: Operational management of the community (management of governance, relationship with community members, billing and payment collection,)
  7. Optimization: The energy community will be subject to an optimization study through a system of recommendations encouraging participants to consume the energy produced at the best time.