Laurie joined WeSmart in October as an Energy Community Consultant. As a young engineer, an eco-friendly blogger and an ex-employee at Engie Laborelec, she introduces herself in a serie of 3 questions and answers to get to know her better.

  1. What is your background? 

I’m an engineer (because yes, women engineers do exist!) in electromechanics, a field that links electricity and mechanics, with specific applications in the energy sector. I studied at the University of Liège and then went to London to complete a double degree in renewable energy. Back in Brussels, I developed a great technical experience of electrical networks over 3 years working on innovative micro-grid projects. Micro-grids can actually be seen as large energy communities projects. 

  1. What is an Energy Community? Why do you believe in it? 

The intermittent nature of solar and wind energy makes it very complicated to consume all of it. That’s what an Energy Community is all about! In my opinion, creating an energy community is about bringing together consumers with complementary consumption profiles around a local and renewable energy production. This way, the use of the locally produced energy  can be optimised. 

I do think that energy communities will make a difference. I really believe in a greener world and green energy is an integral part of it. An energy community is a project that can be set up quickly, without any additional work! In a short period of time it becomes economically profitable for its participants and also provides social and environmental benefits. All we have to do now is raise awareness about its benefits!

  1. Why WeSmart? 

I’m an environmentalist, I try to consume less and better, I’m vegetarian, I don’t have a car, I try to consume locally and to promote ethical and sustainable projects. So I quickly decided to put my professional energy towards such goals as well.  

My previous experience at Engie Laborelec already made me very aware of the environmental cause but I wanted to go further by adding a social dimension. That’s how I found WeSmart. 

I am also delighted to work in a small company that allows me to quickly implement new initiatives in line with my ethical and sustainable values.


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