[:en]communityIn the near future, more and more prosumers will unite in order to share locally their production, storage and consumption of energy.

To encourage this eco-friendly tendency, WeSmart provides a digital solution to set up and efficiently manage energy communities in a new way.

Our digital platform is easy to install and has a user-friendly interface that engages users. WeSmart offers a flexible, dynamic and multi-fluid designed solution to all energy communities willing to reduce their energy bills and protect the environment.

WeSmart platform’s main differentiating features are:

  • Community Management: the dashboard is dedicated to the community manager and contains all the data on the project
  • Real time monitoring: each participant in the community can access its own consumption and production
  • Visualization 2d/3d: all the sensors installed are easily geolocated
  • Multi-production-consumption sites: we aggregate data from various sources & constraints (including weather data)
  • Recommendations: end-users receive advices to develop and improve their flexibility
  • Steering: you can create reports, benchmark the performance of your sites and get advice from an energy manager

Our solution is secured by the blockchain technology. It is used to record all energy productions data and guarantees the transparency of all exchanges.

With the WeSmart platform, energy communities will benefit from:

  • creation and operational management of their energy community
  • significant reduction of their average energy bill
  • data valorization thanks to data scientists and energy managers
  • environmental protection
  • user engagement in a meaningful project
  • positive image and reputation&nbsp

You plan to build an energy community or want to improve the performance of your existing community?
Our team of data scientists, energy managers and software developers is ready to assist you in every step of your project.[:]

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